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● Nowadays, in the garment industry, it is often very important to pay attention to the issue of ensuring the durability of clothes. In addition, the issue of meticulousness is also concerned by many clothing stores. Therefore, the use in apparel is extremely necessary and preferred by fashion business units.
● Biodegradable plastic is a material capable of decomposing into water, CO2 and biomass components under the influence of the environment and microorganisms. With the goal of increasing the degradability of traditional plastics (petroleum-based), starch is mixed with a petroleum resin base. The purpose of mixing is to reduce the petroleum composition, increase the biodegradability of the compound product, thereby restricting the pollution from non-biodegradable plastic waste.

● With the biodegradation mechanism of the raw materials, after being processed into the final product, the products discharged into the environment and under the influence of microorganisms will begin to decompose.

● In the landfill environment, starchy products will absorb water and moisture from which microorganisms will grow on the surface of the product. Bacterial growth process interacts and consumes the starch fractions that cut the polymer chains. When the weight of petroleum polymer chains is reduced to the point where microorganisms can affect and completely decompose. Bioplastic has the ability to decompose into CO2, CH4, water and inorganic compounds, biomass under the action of microbial enzymes without leaving any effects that can be harmful to the environment.

● Many countries around the world have mandated the use of biodegradable materials instead of conventional plastics in some areas, most commonly packaging and disposable items. Biodegradable products of PMP are being interested by many domestic and international business such as Malaysia, India, Romania, UK, etc. In Vietnam, this new material is also receiving the attention of many businesses and consumers.

● In order to meet the needs of customers as well as catch up with the trend of environmental protection in the garment industry, Van Nang Banok company has launched a number of products made from biodegradable plastic materials:

➊  Made from bio-plastic material, the decomposition time is within 18 months.

➋ Convenient design ensures the safety of clothes.

➌  Light weight, easy to use with high efficiency.

➍ Diverse designs to suit customer needs.

➎ Especially suitable for hanging products on display shelves at supermarkets, convenience stores,…

  • Hook
  • —5 mm x 5 mm
  • Plastic clip:
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